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Miami cannibal victim supports NBA Heat: On the road to recovery

By Amanda Shore

Ronald Poppo, the victim of the zombie-like cannibal attack on May 26 in Miami, left the attack with 50 percent of his face chewed off, including his nose and one of his eyes. He lost some vision in his remaining eye, but doctors are hopeful that he will regain it. He will undergo reconstructive surgery to try and restore his face.

While he is hospital-bound at Jackson Memorial Hospital, he remains in high spirits and is following the NBA playoffs. He is supporting the local team, the Miami Heat, and is talking and joking with his doctors.

The doctors have reported that, in addition to the injuries he sustained on his face, Poppo has two injuries on his chest and may have some minor brain damage. The wounds on his chest may be from where police shot Rudy Eugene, the attacker. These wounds could be from shrapnel or stray bullets, but doctors have not found anything yet to confirm or deny these hypotheses.

The nonprofit organization “Neighbors 4 Neighbors” is accepting donations on Poppo’s behalf and can be reached at (305) 597-4404. Jackson Memorial is also accepting donations via check at the following address:
Jackson Memorial Foundation
Park Plaza East
Suite G
901 NW 17th Street
Miami, FL 33136