Miami cannibal victim’s team lost: Kevin Durant and Thunder beat LeBron James and Heat

By Amanda Shore

Ronald Poppo, the victim of the Miami cannibal incident, expressed to his doctors that his favorite team to win was the local team, Miami Heat. Unfortunately, the recovering man’s team did not win game one of the NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant outplayed LeBron James and led the Thunder to beat the Heat 105-94. Even though James and his team suffered a defeat, there is something to be said about the way he played his game. Thirty points, nine rebounds, four assists and four steals are nothing to sneeze at.

Shane Battier, who plays for the Heat, stated that there were “way too many careless turnovers [and] long rebounds after poor shots. … You can’t just allow teams to lock in and stare at you while you try to make a move,” While this wasn’t a criticism, many think that is was directed at Dwayne Wade. But Wade has already shown that he has what it takes to lead his team to victory. It just didn’t happen this time.

In the first half of the game, Miami Heat was playing their best. Maybe they got cocky and sloppy. Whatever the reason, the Thunder came up from behind and dominated the court and the Heat to take home the win.

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