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More budget cuts to hit Clark County

By Christina Mitchell

The recent shock of cutting police and firefighters in the Las Vegas area was only followed with a new notice of the reduction of many teachers in the Clark County district. With the start of the 2012-2013 school year teachers throughout the county will have lost their teaching positions and public libraries will have fewer hours of operation due to the state’s decision to reduce our state debt by cutting corners. It was publicly announced that four library employees were laid off to help the city with its sky high debt. Following that came another report stating that at least 400 employee personnel and over 1000 teaching positions are being terminated by the fall.

In these hard economic times, there is no safe route to guaranteeing a safe career free from eventual job loss. The ratio of crime rate per police officer and the amount of students per teacher will have increased by the year 2013. How much more can the Vegas valley cut from the safety and educational future of its children? As we struggle to keep our spending and deficit under control, we are sacrificing the very foundations that our country has spent so much effort on building. It is a harsh reality for parents to face, trying to prepare their children for a future when stability is so uncertain.

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