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Naughty octopus joyrides on bottlenose dolphin

By Amanda Shore

A bottlenose dolphin in Greece supposedly tried to attack an octopus for its next meal. The dolphin soon regretted it since the octopus quickly attached itself to the underside of the aquatic mammal.

The dolphin leaped into the air to try and shake of the octopus, but its plan didn’t quite work. Joan Gonzalvo was at the right place at the right time and captured a series of images showing the cephalopod attached to the dolphin’s genitals, which is why it is being called the “naughty octopus.”

This particular dolphin was part of a pod swimming in the Ionian Sea, but it broke off to try and shake its unwelcome joyrider. It was able to shake the intruder loose and rejoin its pod.

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