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Northern Nevada is next: Smart meters

By James Turnage

NV energy is planning to install “smart meters” in every home in the northern part of our state. There have been protests in San Francisco already, demanding the cessation of installation of these instruments.

The complaints are twofold. First, the radiofrequency radiation is believed to exceed FCC limits, a level dangerous to living organisms. Second, many customers are complaining of an outrageous increase in their monthly bills.

A study by the consulting firm Sage and Associates discovered several health risks, including headaches, sleep disruption, cancer and heart problems. Verizon and other companies who transmit the information from these meters proclaim that the radiation levels are in the “safety zone.” Opponents to the device cite other research, including the use of cell phones as being a cause of brain tumors.

As for the increase in fees, reports of two, three and even ten times higher monthly bills have been reported.

The PUC has agreed to have a hearing as soon as possible. The time and date have not been set.

The “stop smart meters” movement is spreading across the United States, the UK and Australia. An increase in brain tumors is thought by many doctors and scientists to be a direct result of increased usage of wireless devices.

More information can be acquired by going to sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/ or StopSmartMeters.org.

By the way, my analog meter seems to be working just fine.

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