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Obama Suffers 69,000 jobs number stokes recession fears

By Randy Rose

The May Jobs Report came out today, Friday, June 1, 2010, and expectations were that 150,000 became employed last month, but the number was only 69,000 jobs created. That is a dismal number that the stock market and the energy markets could not ignore. The good news is that Crude prices are falling along with unleaded gasoline. The bad news is that the stock market is tanking. Many experts are calling for another recession; some put the odds as high as 100 percent. These numbers cannot be blamed on Former President Bush. These numbers are dismal because that job creators are being attacked by the President and the leftist media. The business owners must live within a budget, and when they have x amount of dollars to hire, there is a realization that they are going to be paying higher taxes and fees to the Federal Government, so they hold off on new hires.

You can understand that you too have a budget, and when you have less money, you may need to cancel the maid and clean your own home or maybe you let the yard service go and mow your own lawn. You now have done the same thing a business must do when money is tight.

This news does not bold well for Obama and his re-election team. In fact, if the job outlook does not improve soon, Obama suffers at the polls this fall.