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Obama’s October Surprise

October Surprise – a last minute event designed to upset and win an election.
Seven theories on what may happen prior to the Nov. 6 General Election. Wait and see.

Editorial – Copyright 2012 – Eric Lageson


On March 30, 1981, failed assassin John Hinckley shot and wounded then-Pres. Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s approval ratings soared. Likewise, if some nutcase fired a bullet at Pres. Obama, the outcome would be the same. “O’s” popularity would skyrocket.

How would we, the public, know if such an attempt were real? If a madman or an agent disguised as a madman fired blanks at the President and the President was rushed to the hospital unharmed, how would we know the difference? If they said it was only “a flesh wound,” it would still be enough to swing the election in favor of Obama.


Would Pres. George W. Bush have lasted only one term without 9/11? Will Obama be a one-termer without one? Obama’s major accomplishments within his first three and a half years in office include the staged killing of Osama bin Laden and his unproven gov’t health care program. That’s not much to go on.

In 2001, our country rallied around Pres. Bush after 9/11, and they would do the same for Pres. Obama.

Considering our satellite technology (then and now), I find it impossible to believe our gov’t didn’t know about Sept. 11, 2001. The same goes for any future 9/11s and the expected benefits for leaders who exploit them for re-election.


It’s pretty clear Pres. Obama chose VP Joe Biden to fill in his “white man’s gap.” It’s also clear that it didn’t work. Caucasian males are the one demographic BHO can’t seem to overcome.

If that isn’t enough, Biden’s gaffes have been a consistent embarrassment to the White House. (Obama quote to staffers: “Get him (Joe Biden) out of my hair!”) On the other hand, dumping Biden gives the appearance of desperation and disloyalty.

That’s why I expect a “Breaking News” segment announcing the sudden death of Joe Biden. Hey, if the Vatican can get rid of Pope John Paul I…


Hillary Clinton has said that she doesn’t want the VP spot, but it is evident that she is being groomed to run in 2016. Although this may be a bitter pill for “The Rodham” to swallow, I think she will if it helps her finally achieve her dream job – the one she’s felt was owed to her since birth.


A limited war in Syria or Iran would give Obama the gravitas he needs to make Romney appear like a wannabe pretender. BHO’s drone attacks on Libya and the mob killing of Gadhafi prove that.

Incredible as it may seem, “O” is not above starting a war to get elected. An ego like Obama’s is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. This man does not want to be another Jimmy Carter. He will do anything – and I mean anything – to get re-elected.


For those with a memory lasting longer than five minutes, anyone care to remember the 2008 McCain-Obama debates? Sen. McCain’s vast experience in the military and in the Senate actually seemed to work against him!

Commentators wrote off John McCain as “too old, too white and even DANGEROUS,” from his five and a half years as a Prisoner-of-War during Vietnam. The ever-cool Obama in his million dollar suit charmed (and lied) his way to victory.


This is the irony of ironies considering Obama’s Muslim background that has been quietly swept under the rug.
Attacks on Mormonism will be left to “O’s” subordinates, digging up past discarded beliefs that Gov. Romney will have to deny. And by having to deny or defend his own religion makes Romney look bad.

There’s an interesting news clip of then-Presidential candidate BHO saying, “You’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith.” Obama is suddenly corrected by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos – “My Christian faith.” A brief moment of fear crosses “O’s” eyes.

This was a rare moment of truth from Obama – not many have been seen since.