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Pixar’s Brave move forward

By Amanda Shore

Pixar, a name known internationally, continues its success with its newest movie “Brave.” Merida, the heroine of the film, is an active, hotheaded spirit that refuses to take life as it is handed to her. Instead, she ventures to create her own ways, throwing her mother’s expectations out the window.

The movie takes place in Scotland, and the beauty of the country shines in this animated film. The petite princess shows her huge personality in everything that she does from galloping around the country on her Clydesdale to shooting bulls eyes to her heart’s content.

This movie shows Merida’s father, Fergus, as an unruly male with a huge appetite and raucous laughter. On the other end of the spectrum is her mother, Elinor, who is prim, proper and elegant. We see traditional gender roles from these two, but Merida comes along in a fiery whirlwind and tangles those lines, makes us see the world differently.

Elinor isn’t exactly a villain. She tries to uphold tradition and culture, but Merida wants none of that. Luckily, she has Fergus as her father, who teaches her archery.

This is a spectacular movie. It has a fairy tale plot of choosing your own destiny, and the squabbles between Merida and her mother don’t get in the way too much. I recommend this movie to anyone.