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Proposed Henderson arena breaking new ground

By Kelly Newson

The proposed Henderson arena is clearing hurdles and making strides to becoming a reality, but don’t get too happy just yet because with developer Milam’s past in proposing arenas, this one may get hung out to dry. The proposed Henderson arena will be an enclosed 17,500 seat arena and will play host to events and possibly a professional basketball franchise. Just recently, a $650 million loan was approved by an investment committee (China Security and Surveillance Technology Inc.) Though plans and details aren’t final yet (a final agreement is still in the works), Chris Milam, the developer, is confident in saying that the deal is approved. As of right now, the main plans are for an indoor stadium for hosting events and a potential professional basketball team as well as an outdoor stadium for a professional soccer franchise, which will be built concurrently and will cost $1.3 billion. In the week of June 3, Chris Milam and his company cleared another hurdle when he added $2.1 million to his bid for the land. The bid is for a plot of federal land near M Resort, south of the Las Vegas strip. However, things aren’t quite clear yet. Chris Milam has until December 3 to come up with the remainder of the $10.5 million for the approximate 480 acres. A spokesman for Milam said that he hopes to break ground by December 31 and has already been in talks with professional teams as potential tenants. If all goes well for Milam and his company, then the proposed Henderson arena could possibly be opening as early as 2014.