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Living the American Dream

By L.D. Kahn

Ah… “the American Dream.” Sounds so nice doesn’t it? So American, just the sound of it brings pride to those who love America. You know, the red, white and blue and apple pie. Now imagine hearing those protester groups and their political supporters, in the media and government, trash this long-held notion of the “American Dream.”

Perhaps their ignorance is not their fault but actually lies with the educators who teach them and fill their heads with mush. One has to wonder what kind of future America has. If this bunch had their way, brrr … perish the thought!

Meet Ms. Minerva Williams of Las Vegas, Nev. She is a strikingly attractive young woman who was born in the Philippines and became a U.S. citizen as soon as she became eligible to do so. Williams had quietly gotten herself educated and has a promising career in the medical field.

She decided to enter the field of medicine when her father suffered a debilitating stroke. Williams’ ambition drove her to excel in school. Her father and grandfather would emphasize the freedom and endless opportunities in the U.S. and how an individual can prosper beyond his or her wildest dreams. Her father’s lifelong dream of coming to America never materialized. However, his dream has since been realized in his daughter.

They lived in the small town Guindalman of 16,000 in Bohol Province. English was taught in the schools in which Guindalman’s people revered America.

Williams’ grandfather and father learned about the United States from American teachers before and after the occupation of the Japanese during World War II. The Filipinos of Bohol Province endured the brutal occupation of the Imperial Japanese Forces until being liberated by the U.S. Military. The Filipinos, unlike some European countries, never forgot the country that kept its word and brought independence and freedom to the island nation.

Williams’ family’s respect and admiration for the United States goes far beyond what they learned in school where the seeds of the American dream were planted. Williams took heart. She saw what her father went through to recover from the stroke he suffered and determined that she would pursue a medical career. But more than that, she was determined to fulfill her father’s long-held dream of coming to America.

The long journey of fulfilling the American Dream began when Williams earned a scholarship to a prestigious Catholic high school eighty miles away from her home. She graduated from that high school with honors. While in college, she met a young man, fell in love and married him. Shortly after graduating from college, Williams completed all the necessary documentation and found herself and her husband on their way to America.

Her husband’s business took them all over the U.S., and eventually they settled down in Las Vegas in the late 1980s. Williams found immediate employment continuing her education and pursued her chosen career in the medical field. Although she settled down, her desire to see the world was strong, Williams is a naturalized citizen of the United States and proud of it. When required to show her passport, she presents it proudly.

An incident took place in Hong Kong as she and a friend were touring. Williams was in a hotel cocktail lounge while a small group of English and French businessmen were joking, putting America down. Hearing the European tirade knocking the U.S., Williams interjected, telling them that they were wrong in their assertions about the U.S. When the men asked, “Well how do you know, miss?” The Asian beauty stood up and proudly stated, “Because I am an American!” One man questioned her ethnicity and laughed at her statement. She coolly responded, “Yes, my country of birth is the Philippines, but I assure you that I am an American citizen and I proudly live in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

One of the gentlemen had assumed that because of her looks, she was a cocktail waitress or entertainer. His smug smile changed to embarrassment when she alluded to being a medical professional. The men fell all over themselves in embarrassment after being put in their place by this proud, American woman. Minerva Williams loves America and will stand up for this country no matter the circumstance.

Long live the American Dream!