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Residential Civic Alliance Meets in Henderson

By Luis Cabrera

The City of Henderson’s Downtown Residential Civic Alliance carried out its third meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 19th in the Henderson’s City Hall Annex Conference Room, located at 280 Water Street. The Civic Alliance organization, founded this year, is structured as a community-based coalition that strives to uphold and enhance the quality of life in downtown Henderson.

The citizen group seeks to create accord and strengthen ties and cooperation between the community and the city’s public officials. Part of the alliance’s goal includes preserving elements of the downtown sector, such as its pedestrian-friendly character. In addition, they focus on encouraging growth and development in the city’s central zone. The efforts for development and redevelopment concern five different precincts in the area: the Atlantic, Basic, Gateway, St. Rose and Water Street District.

This week’s assembly was presided over by the redevelopment communication specialist for the City of Henderson, Tiffany Reardon. The scheduled agenda for the night included a brainstorming session to generate fresh ideas to engage neighbors’ involvement, and several proposed initiatives to identify group’s priorities and funding opportunities.

In a phone conversation, Reardon explained that this week’s meeting, in which they welcomed new members in addition to regular ones, “went really well.” “They finalized their mission and vision,” she added, and “they already have a clean-up scheduled for June 29th.” Members of the alliance who go to the meetings take the resulting initiatives back to their neighbors, while at the same time acquiring feedback from the area residents.

For now, the Basic and Water districts are the ones seeing more involvement from citizens, but Reardon said that the group is trying to get more participation. “We are trying to get more neighbors,” she stated, referring to the districts with fewer enrollments, “we are working on those.”

Concerning downtown, two of the main issues being addressed at this time are the appearance of the buildings and streets as well as their general cleanliness. In addition, safety in the area is also an important topic on the agenda.

The official with the City of Henderson is pleased to see the ongoing effort: “They’re making great progress” she commented, referring to the members of the alliance. “They’re all very passionate about downtown.” Reardon went on to say that the residents involved “love living down here” and they are organizing on further activities for the next couple of months. They are “working together to bring the neighbors onboard,” she offered because we want to have the others share the same “passion and love for the neighborhood.”

Great work is underway to improve and embellish beautiful downtown Henderson. However, more involvement and participation in the Civic Alliance is needed. The redevelopment expert for the city expressed that she would like to “see more residents” participate, and be “active in their community.”

More meetings will be scheduled soon. For more information, please contact Tiffany Reardon by phone at 267-1552, or via email: [email protected]