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Family of Slain Border Agent Reacts to Eric Holder

By Randy Rose

The Attorney for the Terry family, Pat McGroder, released this statement from Josephine Terry and Kent Terry Sr., parents of U.S. Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry, who was killed on duty by a gun supplied by the Obama Administration.

“Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to fully disclose the documents associated with Operation Fast and Furious and President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege serves to compound this tragedy. It denies the Terry family and the American people the truth. Our son, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was killed by members of a Mexican drug cartel armed with weapons from this failed Justice Department gun trafficking investigation.

For more than 18 months, we have been asking our federal government for justice and accountability. The documents sought by the House Oversight Committee and associated with Operation Fast and Furious should be produced and turned over to the committee. Our son lost his life protecting this nation, and it is very disappointing that we are now faced with an administration that seems more concerned with protecting themselves rather than revealing the truth behind Operation Fast and Furious.”

Had the President been a Republican, this story, and every story, especially the birth issue, would be front page news, and the cable news shows would be bashing the President.