After three years, Jon Gosselin is sorry and apologizes to Kate

By DiMarkco Chandler

Jon Gosselin is finally maturing. The star of the defunct TV Reality series Jon &  Kate has publicly apologized for past wrong doings, according to People Magazine. After three years of contention, “Gosselin says he and Kate are getting along.” The father of eight stated to People that “he’s sorry for the way he behaved post-split.” In an exclusive interview to the magazine, Gosselin plainly states, “I am sorry because I did stuff I wouldn’t want done to me.” He was referring to the treasure trove of women he was seeing after the breakup.

Gosselin is making it known that he accepts his share of responsibility for the divorce. “I was passive-aggressive,” he says. “I was the one who wasn’t communicating.”

Four weeks ago, Kate opened up to Ann Curry on the “Today” show, telling her that she and her ex-husband had made peace and are working together to raise their kids. “I can honestly say it’s more peaceful than it’s ever been… I feel that a really big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

It appears that Gosselin may have finally gotten his priorities straight. The 35-year-old Gosselin recently moved back to Berks county, Pa., in 2011 after traveling throughout the county. According to People, He recently took a new job as director of sales and promotions for Gameface Int. and started dating single mom Liz Jannetta, 27. Time – and therapy – has given him a different perspective on things, he says.

2 Responses to "After three years, Jon Gosselin is sorry and apologizes to Kate"

  1. Mike   June 22, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    The goings on of Jon and Kate are very old news. They had their 15-minutes of notoriety. Few people care anymore. Life moves on- – as should these types of articles.

    • tee   May 13, 2013 at 12:24 am

      Then why open it up, just to make negative comment?

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