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Sandusky found guilty after gut-wrenching testimony

Sandusky Found Guilty
Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State football coach, has been found guilty of 45 out of 48 counts in the child sexual abuse case just hours ago, this Friday night, June 22,2012. The case involved ten young boys abused over a fifteen year period.
The jury of seven young women and five men deliberated for two days before reaching their decision.  There were powerful testimonies from eight of the victims who accused him of the sexual acts against them.
This morning, the jury asked to review the testimony of the key prosecution witness Michael McQueary, a Penn State assistant coach, and Dr. Jonathan Dranov, a McQueary family friend. The two gave accounts of a 2001 incident where McQueary said he was a witness to Sandusky engaging in sodomy. Dranov’s account did not have a sexual act.  The jurors also reviewed a 2000 account where Sandusky was allegedly seen by a janitor in the shower room involved in a sexual act. The account was related by Ronald Petrosky since the janitor now suffers from dementia.
Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, said he “would die of a heart attack” if Sandusky was acquitted of all accounts. Sandusky’s own adopted son recently said his father sexually assaulted him and he was willing to testify. He never did. The family has been praying for days in preparation for the verdict.
Sandusky has claimed his innocence the whole time. The prosecuting attorney said he “had the souls of ten souls in his pocket” He went on to say, “you can’t give them back the pieces of the souls he took.” Find him guilty of everything.
Sandusky was lead away in handcuffs, and his lawyer said they will appeal.