Shut your darn mouth or pay $20.00 fine for dropping F-bombs

Contributed By Roy Denish

“Click it or get ticketed” is the major slogan for drivers not wearing seat belts in most of the US cities, but a small town in Massachusetts has created a different kind of ban. “No F-bombs in public or get fined.”
On Monday night, voters in Middleborough voted overwhelmingly to ban profanity in public, and those who break the law would be handed over a fine of $20 by peace officers. The town is the home for 22,000 residents.

The new regulation comes in wake of calls by several residents that kids frequently used profanity in public places and demanded the city put an end to such behavior. But not everybody is happy about the new rule; a resident told the town hall meeting that “this comes under the context of trying to legislate morality or good parenting.”

A person would be ticketed only if the F-bombs create an uncomfortable situation to others. Whatever it may be, next time you visit the town, it’s better to keep your gap shut.

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