Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

By Randy Rose

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare with the exception that the individual mandate be called a tax. That means Obamacare is moving forward, and your liberties are being lost. Doctors are selling their practices and Insurance premiums are raising. Businesses are tossing out their healh insurance, knowing the fine that will be imposed is cheaper. Chants of “Obama care for all” could be heard as well as the call for repeal.

This election will be all about Obamacare, and those who are for it will vote for the democrats; those who want repeal will vote for the republicans. Twenty pages of Obamacare stated this mandate is not a tax, but the Justices decided to ignore them based on their supposition that the Obama Administration lied when it stated in the mandate is not a tax. This decision gives much more power to the IRS, and you best not make any mistakes on your paperwork as you can now go to jail. The good news is that there is already free healthcare in prison. The real bad news is that Congress now has the power to charge you any fees they want by just calling it a tax. This makes passage of HR 25 so much more important. The Fair Tax Act will repeal the 16th Amendment and take the power out of the hands of the Congress and into your hands.

Check out and elect candidates who will vote to repeal Obamacare and co-sponsor HR 25. Danny Tarkanian and Chris Edwards have vowed to do both. Today is a day that will go down in history as the day our liberties died. There will be a lot of arrests by people who refuse to pay the fine, I mean tax. The President and the Congress were lying according to the Supreme Court.