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Louis CK: “Louie” season 3 premiere on FX

A Review by Ron Peltier

Louis C.K.’s new season of his hit show, Louie, resumes its third season June 28 at 10:30 PM on FX. The show’s first two seasons have received rave reviews, as Louis CK garnered two Emmy nominations for his work on the show.

The show centers on Louie’s life as he raises his two daughters in New York. The show’s material is generated in part from the comic’s stand-up routine. The show begins with Louie preforming his stand-up then moves into the scripted story.

As the creator, producer, director, editor, writer and star, the show reflects Louis CK’s perspective on life, love and being a parent. Ostensibly a comedy show, Louie often tackles sensitive topics.  His comedic sensibilities are not for every, but Louie is often provocative and interesting. His tweets on Sarah Palin and his recent appearance on Jay Leno, where he jokes about the convicted child molester, Jerry Sandusky, have generated some criticism. They also indicate that the comic sees few, if any, subjects taboo.

In related news, Louis CK has announced plans for his upcoming comedy tour, coinciding with the new season of his show. Further, the only way one can buy tickets to his show is via his website sans the middleman. As his website states, “no crazy high ticket fees, no scalpers, no annoying emails, no joining a thing that you hate.”  All tickets are 45 dollars. How the comedian plans to thwart scalping might be more challenging, but he has done what others have tried—to provide tickets without the substantial added fees. He and Pearl Jam should tour together.