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The Tournament Euro Cup 2012 Championship in Poland and Ukraine favoring Portugal

The tournament Euro Cup 2012 is taking place in Poland and Ukraine from the June eighth to July first. This is the first time that this championship will be held in Eastern Europe since the year 1976 in Antigua Yugoslavia. It will also be the first time in history that it will be hosted by two different countries in different time zones. The old Europe is dressed in their best finery. For 24 days, all Europeans all over the world will be watching the ball for the goal that will bring the victory.

After this, will the euro still have difficulties? Would it be possible to rescue Spain and the distressing situation of the European standard way of living? None of this matters when the ball starts rolling, and all Europeans will tune the TV to watch the game.

Since 1960 and every four years, 16 countries fight to the conquest the trophy that Germany has won three times, making it the only county with more wins throughout history.

Spain, the country where I was born, will be defending the championship title like in the glorious night we won four years ago. It will be very difficult seeing the other opponents try to take the title from us, but hope is the last thing that dies.

Meanwhile, the hosts Poland and Ukraine don’t seem to have any chance of winning this tournament, but with the business of betting in cities like Las Vegas, you can never bet your whole bag to a single option.

The inaugural match was held between Poland and Greece, sharing one point in a wonderfully entertaining match for group A with a result that leaves a sword wound in both countries. In the other match, Russia, one of the teams with the real options to win the trophy, won a smooth game to the Czech Republic 4-1.

The rest of the first round will be held on Saturday Netherlands-Denmark and Germany-Portugal, on Sunday’s Spain-Italy, Ireland-Croatia and Monday the expected game between France-England and Sweden-Ukraine.

If I was betting, my favorite is Portugal, but in my heart, I choose Spain. Ronaldo starts as the star player of the Euro, by age, experience and hunger for victory, but we’ll see because in this, soccer is like Roulette: Nothing can be said until the ball stops rolling.