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The truth behind unemployment in Las Vegas

Part one: The root of the problem

By Bridgette Bryant

First of all, this situation is not unique to Las Vegas.

Despite the claims of how horrible our state is in the media, other states all across the country are struggling with the very same issues.

The truth behind our jobless situation is finally starting to make its way to the surface as the media begins to report the sad truth. A few days ago, a CNN show took time to dig into the story and proclaimed the criticism of employers across the nation: that there are millions of jobs available but they cannot find qualified people to fill them.

A Manpower Survey found that 52 percent of US employers are having difficulty filling critical positions despite 14 million unemployed. 52 percent! That means that if just half of those open positions were filled, we would be able to return to a more substantial employment rate.

What does that mean for us? First and foremost, Nevadans are not stupid, as many people keep trying to portray. Second….well, it’s not a pretty fact but, in general, Americans as a whole, well…we kind of are just an itsy bitsy bit…um…stupid. I’M SORRY! It pains me to say it, but we have to deal with reality or we can never advance.

What are we looking at locally? The upbringing and attitude prevalent to life in Las Vegas has sculpted young people in such a way that doing things like going to college to get a regular job is truly a silly thing to do. From a logical standpoint where the only goal is having the basics of life, if you can make $100K waiting tables or bartending, why would you spend four years going to college to make a third of that as a starting salary? In this case, education understandably takes a backseat to paying the bills.

Okay, so let’s deal with the situation: Why are Americans acting “dumbed down?” (I say “acting” because we are some of the most creative, resourceful, stick-to-it people in the world). There’s the obvious, of course: television. Television has forced us to focus on dumb things like who’s the best singer for the tenth time in a row, who can eat the most worms, and which basketball wife can be the biggest you-know-what. Television is definitely part of the issue, but what is the root of this particular problem? If we know these shows are pointless and don’t get us anywhere in life (and we do), why do we watch these shows? Let’s look at the flow of an average person’s day: You get up, you go to work, you eat lunch, you wait for 5PM, you go home in traffic, you run errands or take care of kids, you go to bed and you do it again. Why do we watch this stuff? Because without it, we would live such mundane lives we’d go crazy. Okay. Stupid show watching: justified.

What else has got us “dumbed down?” Music.

Ninety percent of today’s new music talks about things that lead to self-destruction, dangerous consequences and short-term gratification. There is almost nothing about striving to do better, be more or advance our lives. And, unfortunately, the youth and twentysomethings (and a lot of the thirtysomethings) are completely inundated with this brainwashing mess that, in turn, keeps them distracted, wasting time and unproductive.

How else are we “dumbed down?” Well, we certainly cannot leave out our lacking educational systems. That statement requires no elaboration, so let’s keep looking forward.

We were neither born stupid nor are we supposed to be that way, and there is only one solution: You as an individual have to make a choice to not become absorbed in foolish things that steal from your time and progression.

How far you get in life is a direct reflection of how far you want to go. We cannot expect to be able to live and grow in a technologically budding society without making the decision to get trained on how to swim in it so we can get on the boat.

For those who want to stand their ground and not “give in” to the changes technology is bringing to our world, you WILL get left behind. Never ever ever will we be returning to the days where people do the majority of the labor as opposed to machines and unless aliens force us to, we will never give up all of our electronic and computing devices to return to paper and pen. This boom of forward movement will only continue to snowball and grow as time goes by and will only become even more advanced.

No one is going to show up on your doorstep with detailed instructions on what you need to do next in order to get what you want. It is up to YOU to decide where you want this life to take you. You have all the tools you need in order to create the reality you desire, you simply have to stand up and make it happen. The energy you put forth in enhancing your own life will create a ripple effect in those around you and help put us all further down the path toward fixing Nevada.