Thousands that evacuated High Park Fire near Fort Collins in Colorado unable to return to their homes

By Amanda Shore

Firefighters have been able to push back the High Park fire, the third biggest fire that has been recorded in Colorado, by five percent. However, many of those that have evacuated are still unable to return to their homes. Linda Steadman, who lived alone in a cabin just outside of Fort Collins, died in the inferno. The 62-year-old’s remains were found in the ashes.

Many homes, buildings and other structures have been destroyed. Even more are being given evacuation orders. The battle will likely rage on for several more weeks, maybe longer if the wind picks back up again. Ball Hahnenberg, the federal incident commander, stated that aerial units would focus on battling the fire from its southern edge. They are focusing on this area because there are a lot more homes and other buildings that could be damaged or destroyed if the fire continues to spread that way.

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