Three-year anniversary marks Michael Jackson’s death, leaving Conrad Murray in regret of not testifying

By Justine Espersen

Music fans throughout the world are remembering Michael Jackson’s death, marking his three-year anniversary today.

While most mourn his death and remember his legacy left behind, including daughter Paris Jackson and sister La Toya Jackson, some are mourning Jackson’s death in another way.

Convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Dr. Conrad Murray now regrets not testifying during his trial, his appeals attorney said according to the LA Times.

Last November, jurors were told while Jackson suffered cardiac arrest while under the surgical anesthetic propofol, Murray was busy talking on the phone, sending and receiving email and text messages.

However, according to witnesses, when Murray noticed Jackson had stopped breathing, he failed to call for help. Murray never testified to proclaim this as untrue.

“He wishes he testified. He absolutely wishes he testified,” attorney Valerie Wass told LA Times, who is handling Murray’s appeal of his conviction. “Ed Chernoff [Murray’s attorney] was pretty adamant that he not testify, Mr. Flanagan [Murray’s other attorney] thought he should testify. So he never testified.”
No matter if Murray testified in court, he is still expected to serve four years in jail for Jackson’s death. But one thing is still for certain: Jackson is dead, and that can never be taken back. The world wasn’t ready to let him go.

Family members and fans have tweeted throughout the day on Twitter recognizing the King of Pop.
“RIP Michael Jackson…Dad you will forever be in my heart

Sister La Toya added: “SadMorning All…This Day was the day that lead to the demise of my little brother. ‘Michael We Love’ May you RIP. Gone FAT To (sic) Soon.”

2 Responses to "Three-year anniversary marks Michael Jackson’s death, leaving Conrad Murray in regret of not testifying"

  1. dan   June 28, 2012 at 3:20 am

    MICHAEL JACKSON was, is, and will for ever be, the most beloved, admired, revered, and respected human being on earth. Because he was the biggest artist and humanitarian the world has ever known. And as such, he is considered A PATRIMONY OF THE HUMAN RACE, from all over the World.
    Thus, when 3 years ago on June 25th 2009 Michael Jackson was MURDERED, the World got puzzled, stunned, paralyzed, devastated. And it has remained so ever since.
    Because to the World’s eyes, it is INEXPLICABLE not only that endless security measures had not been taken BEFOREHAND to prevent the greatest American citizen ever in history from being murdered but also, that REAL JUSTICE for him has not YET been served.
    Thus, no matter how long it takes, the world will go on waiting until CONRAD MURRAY BE CONVICTED TO A LIFE SENTENCE, and that A PROPER INVESTIGATION BE DONE IN ORDER TO REVEAL THE NAMES OF ALL THE ONES INVOLVED IN MICHAEL’S MURDER, the ones who plotted Michael’s murder and hired Murray to kill him, and are now profiting from Michael’s legacy and catalogue. Because THEY SHOULD ALSO BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE AND CONVICTED!

  2. Brandt Hardin   June 25, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    It’s unfortunate that we live in a society which tears apart an artist’s life while they’re alive and makes a martyr of them after their death. Hopefully Michael is resting more peacefully than he lived, under the intense heat of the media. Who was the man in the mirror and behind the television screens? I addressed MJ’s legacy with a portrait on my artist’s blog at Drop by and let me know how his music affected you. While you’re there, we’ve posted the Top 10 music videos of All Time from the King of Pop!

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