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“True Blood” Episode 2 Season 5: Best Blood Sucking Gore All Year

By DiMarkco Chandler:

Hurry up and get in front of your TV sets. I don’t care if you have to wait there until the show comes on in your time zone because the second episode of True Blood’s season 5 will air tonight, and it’s a winner. Expect some intense moments as some characters have been transformed into blood sucking “you know whats.” Tara, for instance, is not behaving the way her friends had wished as she demonstrates that she no longer possesses any humanity in her veins. If you recall, she was changed into a vampire to save her life on last week’s show.

Tonight, Eric and Bill will be subjected to True Death, a decision made by the Vampire Authority. As you’re gripped in curiosity, wondering how they will solve their life-ending dilemma, you will be presented with another problem: Tara moves to bite Sookie.

And if that were not enough, Alcide and Sam come up against their challenge, as Alcide is threatened not to show his face in certain places.

Tonight we will learn more about Erics history, and we’ll laugh over a fight between  Jessica and Rev.

Perhaps the most talked about event that will air tonight will be Christoper Meloni appearance as he is introduced as the leader of the Vampire Authority.

Its looks like the best blood sucking gore I have seen all year. So strap on your boots because it’s gonna get crazy.

Are you going to watch?