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Why are women more likely to get depression?

By Christina Mitchell

Many factors are accounted in a woman’s susceptibility for depression. Not only do genes and other biological factors account but genetically, if they have a family history, they would be at greater risk. Environment, chemicals and hormones play a role as well. The brain regulates mood and behavior, and it seems to be unbalanced more during pregnancy, menstrual periods and menopause. It is becoming more and more common for a woman in the 21st century to be diagnosed with some form of depression.

Depression has many levels of severity. In mild depression, one can have feelings of unhappiness or sadness, feeling slightly miserable at times. In more severe cases, a person with depression can actually have insomnia or excessive sleeping problems, causing them to be irritable. In these severe cases, one can have thoughts of suicide or harming others around them.

I think that women have higher rates of depression because there are many more stresses in life for a woman. They often overwork themselves by taking on many tasks such as careers, housewife duties and raising children. Women are also more suseptable with their feelings and are more emotionally connected to situations than males. They have many more biological factors at risk and their hormones are constantly changing due to their body. These simple imbalances in their body can make it difficult for a woman to try and function through their daily activities.

Socially, a woman is most likely overwhelmed with many job titles because they are expected to carry on these responsibilites of caring for the family. In these economic times most women are also expected to work outside the home along with the duties of being a housewife. They are most likely to be more susceptible to magazines and social figures of how they should look, weigh and act. Standing up to the perfect woman as shown in our society today is sometimes a task in itself.

I think that the difference that a woman might have than a man is that a man would most likely be taught to vent his frustrations through anger or blow it off during work. Most likely a woman wouldn’t be able to have a guys night out they would have priorities at home. They would be home to raise the children and might feel confined versus a male. I also think that women are taught to think emotionally and act emotionally as a male would be taught to tough it out and to not think with feelings. I think this could also be a huge reason why we see the differences behaviorally in male and female roles.

Seeking a physcian can help you overcome the feelings of being blue sometimes with medication to help balance the chemicals in your body. With depression on the rise, especially in women, beginning as early as childhood it is now more than ever critical that we learn to recognize symptoms of depression and teach women how to effectively control it.