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Wisconsin governor survives recall election

By Randy Rose

In what was thought to be a close race was a solid win for Scott Walker and a devastating defeat for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret, the DNC and the Unions. Scott Walker asked folks to forget about their differences and look to the future. Tom Barret asked the people to come together and work together just like he said the last time he lost to Scott Walker in 2010.

With nearly all precincts reporting, Walker had 53 percent of the vote compared with 46 percent for Barrett. The margin of victory was wider than many expected and slightly better than Walker’s 5.8 percentage-point victory over Barrett in the 2010 race. Some 2.5 million voters cast their ballots, including the four bus loads of Democrats coming from Detroit to vote for Tom Barret.

Yes, the DNC is back to its old tricks. First they find dead people on the voter rolls and match those names and addresses with a non-registered person to cast that vote and bus them to the polls. They even buy them lunch.

The big question is, how does this race reflect on the Presidential race? The answer is a little more complex in that more issues come into play on a National level. First, look to the President’s Primary and Caucus voting; many democrats voted “uncommitted” or for other candidates on the ballot, including a man incarcerated in prison. Combine that with the vote in Wisconsin, the Unemployment numbers and the high cost of gasoline, and you have a huge challenge if you are the incumbent. That spells more bad news for Obama. That does not mean Obama will lose; he has a way of deflecting all his failures on others.