Canadian cannibal Luka Magnotta ate the flesh of his victim after video taping the murder

No Bath Salts connected to Canada’s Cannibal

By DiMarkco Chandler

German authorities have arrested the Canadian suspect Luka Magnotta, accused of allegedly cutting ups his 33-year-old lover, Jun Lin, before eating and mailing his fleshly pieces to Canadian politicians.

The 29-year-old porn actor was picked up in an Internet café on Monday while he was reading news coverage about the search for him. Police believe that Magnotta tortured his 33-year-old victim before beheading and dismembering the body. He allegedly ate pieces of flesh with a knife and fork similar to a scene from Silence of the Lambs.

Magnotta is also accused of filming the murder, titled 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick, and then uploading it to the Internet for others to view.

The New York Daily News reports that “Magnotta is obsessed with infamy. He has performed in both gay and straight porn and appalled animal lovers by posting videos of himself killing kittens with a vacuum cleaner and feeding a live kitty to a python.

2 thoughts on “Canadian cannibal Luka Magnotta ate the flesh of his victim after video taping the murder

  1. I’m actually increasingly getting panicked about these murderous, canibalistic, having sex with the corpse psychotic killers high or strung out on those damn so called bath salts! This is an urgentproblem and the threat isn’t only to individuals associated or related to them, that indicates the public at large could fall victim to these crazed freaks! I’m hoping the people in power to put an immediate Ban, seize all visible packs of bath salts and destroy it. I’m aware its bigger and more difficult to do immediately, however what’s the hold up? You can’t tell me this poison disquised so to speak as bath salts is protected under some loop hole? I’m thinking an immediate urgent crack down, confiscation, destruction of the devils concoction, deal with any potential legal shit later if the fool who’s created and distributed this living nightmare of horror has the audacity and no conscience for the unbelievable atrocities committed while using this drug concealed as a bath salt! Urggg, I’m getting more and more appauled at this nighmare. I’m pissed off, scared, and fear what brutal perverted disgusting murders/canibalism/necrophelia acts will happen before our officials take action! I read on Google that although the 3 atrocities have grabbed the headlines due to their gore and abuses performed on the corpse
    There’s been numerous others without the mutilation of the corpse, eating the victims brain, hearts, flesh etc. So if everyones under the impression this is just occurred this past week, It’s apparently been happening for at least the past 6 months, but hadn’t had enough gore factors to make the news, but they’re psychotic induced aned the rising numbers are seriously worrying me as the delay in assertive, aggressive, action is of most importance!

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