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Interview with Karlos Farrar

By Kelly J Newson

Karlos Farrar, a Detroit native but Vegas adopted, has been singing since a young age. Coming from a loving and supportive family. Influenced by his mom, dad and Michael Jackson, Karlos Farrar was destined to be a star from birth. Recently, I caught up Mr. Farrar after one of his show’s in Los Angeles and we chatted about his upcoming EP that’s due to drop November 6th on iTunes.

KJN: First things first, the new EP. What can the fans expect?

KF: The EP is coming out November 6. It’s going to be very different, I’m really trying to capture the essence of my music. It’s 9 tracks and it really captures who I am and my energy that’s why I call it ‘Karlos with a K.’

KJN: Will ‘Karlos with a K’ be more R&B or Pop or a little both?

KF: Will mix it up, my style is Pop&B. I try to mix them together so it appeals to all listeners.

KJN: Any tracks that you personally favorite?

KF: ‘Ain’t No Lady’ and maybe another track on there that’s called ‘Gravity’ that’s pretty dope.

KJN: ‘Ain’t no Lady’ and ‘Workin With’ you recently released on iTunes as singles. Any videos to follow?

KF: Yes, we are doing a video for ‘Ain’t No Lady’ next month and doing a video for ‘Workin With’ the month after. Those are the first two singles from the EP and ‘Suicide’ is the third single.

KJN: Any upcoming shows coming up?

KF: Looking at performing at the HardRock on Sunset and The SIO in Vegas in October.

KJN: Where can fans find your music?

KF: iTunes.com/KarlosFarrar and my website has it all music and tour dates at www.KarloswithaK.com as well as my reverbnation it’s reverbnation.com/KarlosFarrar