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DW Bistro : Expression of indulgence

By Alberto Angulo

I always thought that the “scene” didn’t matter, at least where dinner is concerned. I’d rather eat amazing food in a dismal room than dismal food in an amazing room. But when I stepped into DW bistro, I abandoned my philosophy before I even opened the menu. The atmosphere of the room is so inviting as well as casually elegant and modern at the same time, it’s just hypnotizing. I would dare to say it was “restaurant love at first sight.”

Since it was a little early for dinner I decided to just wait at the bar for a little while, only to realize than the cocktails at DW bistro are as sexy as its decor.   I enjoyed one of the most balanced “Mojitos” I have ever tasted, and the reason I say this is because as a Latin-American person, I know that the sweetness of this particular drink should not be overwhelming to the point where you are not able to taste the liquor; so two thumbs up for the talented bartender!

Something else I have to mention is the genuine, friendly service from the waiters. All I kept thinking was: Who trained these folks? Because whoever did … well … I’d like to give you a list of restaurants that need you.

So far I was already very pleased with the restaurant and dinner hadn’t even been served yet. Needless to say, such a great welcome was just the preview for an incredible meal, from really well portioned sizes, to affordable prices, this combination of Jamaican-Mexican cuisine is poetry for the senses. Their food sings beautifully while their service plays the perfect accompaniment!