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Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom: Finally A Show For Those Who Think

By James Turnage

Two weeks ago, I praised the Aaron Sorkin creation “the Newsroom.” After last night’s show, I find my commentary was understated.

I can already hear the negative comments. The show, for some, will have had the appearance of being an attack on the TEA party. It was. But the TEA party was just a vehicle to expose what is wrong with politics today, extremism.

If extremes worked, the world would be in the control of communism. Karl Marx’ philosophy was meant to improve the lives of the vast majority of the world’s population, the working class. In order to achieve his ideals, countries had to go to the extreme left, installing dictatorial governments. We all know how well that worked.

The TEA party is an extreme to the right. They have destroyed the GOP, which used to be a party of ideas, a party that had a platform, worked with the other side of the aisle, and made sure our country did not traverse too far to the left. The middle of the aisle is the only position that produces fair legislation for all.

As “the Newsroom” demonstrated last night, the TEA party stands for doing nothing. No new laws, no new taxes, no social programs, no compromise, no communicating with anyone who does not agree with them.

Their honest portrayal of Sharron Angle, the TEA party standard bearer here in our state in 2010, was typical of candidates they have supported. She had no understanding of how government functions. She didn’t even know if she had a platform to stand on.

Harry Reid would not consider me his biggest supporter, but in my den is a plaque signed by him, thanking me for my efforts in his re-election bid in 2010. What I did was to ensure that we did not elect Angle. Polls showed that either of the other two republicans who ran against her in the primaries, would have defeated Mr. Reid. Sure, they too had their crazy moments, but that simply proves how far to the right Angle was.

I stand with Sorkin’s view. I place myself right down the middle politically. I will call out anyone who wants to destroy my country through extreme action or extreme non-action.

Keep up the great writing, Mr. Sorkin. I finally have a television show to look forward to each week. That hasn’t happened for me since “Six Feet Under” or “NYPD Blue.”