British Open: Tiger Woods Makes Them Roar

By Steve Kish

Is Tiger back? No really is Tiger back? I think this Tiger, the one
bringing that is bringing crowds to a roar at the British Open is the
Tiger of old. The Tiger before the injuries and the personal issues.
The Tiger that instilled fear into his opponents, red polo shirt
Sunday Tiger.

Sitting at -7 Tiger is alone in third place trailing only Australian
Adam Scott (-11) and Brandt Snedeker (-8). Tiger started rough today
but has pulled it together, even sinking an amazing 50ft putt for
birdie. This is the Tiger of old, the fearless competitor.

Tiger’s resurgence if you want to call it that is as much physical
recovery as mental. Tiger unlike any golfer is talked about, followed,
his play broken down. Before the golf club through the back window of
his SUV Tiger’s personal life was very quiet. After all that had
transpired how was he supposed to “just go to work”. How would any man
deal with what Tiger dealt with.

Tiger is unique to golf, has been for years. It’s well documented the
audience he draws when he plays in a tournament. No other player in
golf’s history or any other sport, outside possibly Michael Jordan
brought as many viewers as done Tiger. Plenty can be written about
Tiger’s putting struggles or driving issues, yet even a horrible Tiger
Woods draws more viewers then a red hot Mickelson.

Tiger is what golf needs. Tiger is reality golf’s Happy Gilmore. He
brings the crowds, makes them roar, gets network rating up. This is
part of Tiger’s legacy. Yes he is chasing Jack Nicklaus’ majors
record, this will be 15 if he wins tomorrow. Tiger will be remembered
for more than just how many championships he won. It’s an odd thing to
write or read but he will. How excited he gets when he sinks that
amazing putt, or when he has a great drive. Tiger will be remembered
for how he brought people to golf. How he made them roar. That and
that alone is Tiger’s. The way the crowd roars for him after a big
shot. Tiger’s back, just listen to the crowd, they will tell you that.

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