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Chimpanzees escaped from home in Northwest Las Vegas

By Amanda Shore

As we reported earlier, two chimpanzees escaped and were roaming the streets near Ann Road and Jones Boulevard. Their origins were unknown, but Metro warned locals about the incident and told them to stay inside. It didn’t take long for the situation to be resolved.

Now we know that the chimps escaped from a resident’s backyard enclosure. The two chimpanzees, one male and one female, were roaming the streets for two hours before the male was killed and the female was tranquilized. Police officers reported that the male kept coming at them and even jumped on top of a police car with its lights flashing. They had to shoot him, and he died from the wounds. They were able to return the female to her enclosure in the backyard of a resident’s home. The owner’s identity has not been disclosed.

It is still not known how the chimps escaped.