Piers Morgan and Robert Blake take the 1 on 1 to another level: See explosive video

If you could purchase tickets to the Morgan vs Blake fight, you’d do it in a second

By DiMarkco Chandler

CNN has just released an explosive video previewing Piers Morgan’s interview with actor Robert Blake, acquitted by a jury for the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakely in 2005. The 79-year-old T.V. and Film star was grilled for one hour by Morgan and the interview quickly reached a feverish pitch before things calmed down but only momentarily before quickly appearing to get out of hand again.

Morgan tried to enquire about the death of Bonnie Lee; however, Blake swiftly rejected his questions and at one point accused Piers of calling him a liar. In spite of Blake’s bellicose behavior, Morgan remained calm throughout the interview.

During one moment in particular, Morgan points out that on the night Bonnie Lee was murdered, she and Blake were having dinner together at a restaurant. Immediately, Blake leans forward, tilts his head and asks Morgan, “where are you going?”

Upon hearing this, Morgan replied, “I’m interested in what happened.”

Sounding agitated, Blake responds, “No you’re not interested, what you are doing what the hell you are doing?”

“Let me help you, let me take this out of my ear, there is no one talking to me, OK, you haven’t got to worry. There is nobody talking to me. These are my questions for you, which are based in my view. Perfectly-Legitimately.”

Slowly, Blake appears to calm down a bit, interrupting Morgan with, “Now you want to know what happened that night,” after which Morgan replies, “I’m curious, yes.” “No you’re not curious,” Blake retorts. He then pauses before raising his voice, saying, “I thought you said you researched all this so you know what happened that night.” Morgan responds, “I know, I know the facts of the night I’m curious about.” “Tell me about the facts of the night!” yells Blake. That’s when Morgan, the master interviewer that he is, took charge of this portion of the discussion.

After a brief settling down, Blake was at it again, and that’s how the interview went the entire hour.

You can watch the most contentious moments of Pier Morgan’s interview with Robert Blake at the following link:  http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/showbiz/2012/07/12/piers-blake-wife-death-insignificant.cnn

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