Chris Edwards is Raising Money to Defeat Dina Titus Please Help

by Randy Rose:
Dina Titus has over 10 million dollars in her effort to win Congressional District 1. You may ask, didn’t she represent CD 3? The answer is yes. Dina Titus was fired by the voters of CD 3and now she wants CD 1 to send her back. We do not need to send a retread back to Congress when she has already been there done that and failed. Chris Edwards has a plan that will put more money in your pocket. You will get Gross Pay instead of Net Pay, you will get a hundred dollars every month with no strings attached. The economy will go up 7%-9% every year and the IRS will disband and no more income tax. Come over to Paymons at 8380 W. Sahara Rd. on Thursday July 26, 2012 from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm to meet Chris Edwards. Please bring $50.00 or more to contribute to beat Dina Titus. If you would like to contribute but you cannot make it to Paymons then click this link

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