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Claire Dane’s Pregnancy Not Expected To Impact “Homeland” Season 2: Watch Video

Jodi Gottlieb and People.com Confirm Claire Dane is Pregnant

By DiMarkco Chandler

People.com reported today that Golden Globe Award winner Claire Danes is expecting her first child with 37-year-old husband Hugh Dancy. Danes’s rep, Jodi Gottlieb confirmed the news. The 33-year-old Danes “told People last fall when asked if a baby could be on the way shortly [said] ‘There’s definitely a chance;” looks like a chance has become reality.

Danes began filming season 2 of “Homeland” this past May in Israel. This year, Danes will be joined by new cast member Rupert Friend, who according to “The Hollywood Reporter,” will be portraying a CIA analyst, “Peter Quinn”. Boomtron.com reports that Friend “will be overseeing a critical operation, but we don’t know what that operation will be.”

Danes first appeared on television as a guest star on “Law & Order.” She also appeared in an episode of HBO’s lifestories: Families in Crisis, she was only 13 at the time. She won her first “Golden Globe Award” and Emmy at 15 in the T.V. drama series “My So-Called Life.”

In 1996, Danes was given her first leading role on the big screen when she played Juliet Capulet in “William Shakepeare’s Romeo + Juliet.” ”The Hours,” “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” “Shopgirl,” “The Family Stone,” “Evening” and “The Flock,” starring opposite Richard Gere.

According to Wikipedia.org, Danes made her debut on Broadway in the revival of George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” in 2007.

“Homeland” producers have yet to make an official comment; however, “People” reports that the production company, Fox 21, says that they do not expect the pregnancy to impact the production of season two, which will premiere on “Showtime” in September.

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