Colorado suspect James Holmes charged with 142 criminal counts, including murder and attempted murder

James Holmes is set to have his next court hearing August 9th, 2012.

By Justine Espersen

Accused Colorado movie theater shooter, James Holmes, is being charged with 142 criminal counts, including 24 counts of murder, 116 counts of attempted murder, one count of possession of an explosive device and one count of a sentence enhancer for a crime of violence.

Holmes is accused of a mass killing at the July 20″The Dark Knight Rises” midnight showing, leaving 12 people dead and 58 injured.  His maximum punishment is death while the minimum is life in prison without parole.
According to the Associated Press, the 24-year-old former neuroscience graduate student still appeared daze and confused, similarly to his first court appearance. However, Monday’s hearing was not televised at the request of the defense, compared to his July 23 lived video feed appearance.
He only spoke once, when District Chief Judge William Sylvester asked him if he wanted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 30 days. Holmes responded with a simple “Yes.”

The judge set the preliminary hearing for Nov. 12, with the expectation to take one week. Holmes’s next court hearing will be Aug. 9 at 1:30 p.m., which will address media request to unseal the case file, according to The Denver Post.
Holmes began stocking up on his assault gear four months prior to the shooting and purchased weapons in May and June, Investigators said. This means there can be one point of legal dispute among prosecutors and the defense.

“I don’t’ think it’s too hard to predict the path of this proceeding,” said Craig Silverman, former chief deputy district attorney of Denver. “This is not a whodunit….The only possible defense is insanity.”

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