Democratic National Convention Held In Charlotte, North Carolina Is Big Win

By Donald Norris, Jr.

The Democratic Nation Convention (DNC) will begin in Charlotte, North Carolina soon. Many people wonder if Charlotte is prepared for the DNC. Charlotte is a rather large city that can accommodate the many people who will be attending the DNC and in protest lines. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) seems to be prepared for the large crowds. But are the residents of Charlotte prepared for the DNC? Maybe not. The residents of Charlotte who are Republicans most likely are not favorable of the DNC. They may be concerned about the crime that may occur. There are many pros and cons of the DNC. The DNC can bring a lot of money to Charlotte, but crowd riots may erupt. I imagine certain businesses will be happy to have the DNC in town to help them earn more business. However, CMPD may have to spend a lot of time and money to address the large crowds that will be associated with the DNC. Too bad Mitt Romney will not be having a Republican National Convention in Charlotte. Some Republicans, especially those who support Romney, would probably be glad and honored to have Romney host a RNC in Charlotte. We will see how prepared Charlotte is once the DNC occurs.

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