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Facebook: Revealing the truth about your resume

By Albert Angulo

Could the days of trying to cram all your professional accomplishments onto a single sheet of paper be a thing of the past? It has been about five years since I open my Facebook account, and in every post or picture I upload, there is always the question on the back of my mind: Am I sharing too much information about my life? Could this picture potentially backfire on me in the future? Well, I guess every Facebook user’s fear is coming true now with the new Facebook resume feature.

Facebook plans to launch its own jobs board, working with some existing sites to let users search listings. Yes, that’s right: People may be looking for jobs on the same site where photos of their youthful indiscretions could turn off potential employers. It’s not certain whether such a Facebook feature will pan out.

What hiring manager is going to make a decision based on an e-mail attachment when they can browse your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, read the gory details in your blog, and hit Google to find out more about you — good or bad — all in one sitting? And what about paper resumes? Forget it. Between desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, some hiring experts say there’s little reason to peruse a piece of paper summary of someone’s career anymore.