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Explosion derailing eleven train cars in Columbus, Ohio

By DiMarkco Chandler

Columbus, Ohio – ABC news has reported that eleven train cars have derailed before 2 a.m., causing an enormous fire near Fields Avenue In North Columbus. Two cars continue to burn. Aboard these cars was the chemical denatured alcohol, a highly poisonous substance that is fatal if consumed. Fox 28 reports that “one-hundred people have been evacuated in about an one-mile radius around the fire.” The evacuation area expands from East 5th avenue to East 11th Avenue. The Guardian has learned that a command post has been set up on the Fairgrounds.

Newsnet5.com has reported that at least two people were injured as a result of the explosion.

Presently, a hazardous materials team has arrived at the scene along with railroad officials. ABC News is on the scene and they say that a photographer who was more than 10 miles away says he say something illuminate the sky. He therefore went to the scene to take photos and noticed a chemical smell that was perhaps styrene.

The location of the incident is not far from the Ohio State University.

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