Food war over: Paula Deen traveling down a healthier road

Fat is not where it’s at

By James Turnage

If any of you followed the humorous story about food guru Paula Deen and fellow food guru and critic Anthony Bourdain, it appears to have come to a positive end.

Deen, who is loved by millions for her “down home” humor, her sweet demeanor and her tasty, if not so healthy, cooking show on the Food Channel, is on the cover of People magazine. Six months ago, she revealed she had type two diabetes. She has now lost 30 pounds, citing a change in her lifestyle. She told People that she “now loves baked fish and Greek salad.”

So, America, you can now relax, the war is over. There will not be a food fight between two of television’s most loved chefs. That scene will stay in “Animal House” where it belongs.

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