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What Makes A Great Country? The Constitution and Founding Fathers

By James Turnage

I don’t believe there is a definition for the term “Great Country.” I have a personal definition as I’m certain many more individuals do. I don’t know if anyone will agree with me. My guess is some will agree with parts, and disagree with others. That’s the way it should be in a free country.

A great country should begin with great leadership. Our founding fathers were great men with great ideas, though they did not all agree on everything. They worked hard at the task of framing a Constitution that would serve the people of a new country for all time. They made room for amendments, although I’m not sure they would approve of many of them. Then they worked even harder to implement their ideals, and improve the lives of all citizens of the new land. And they worked in the legislature as volunteers, proud to serve their constituents. It was a task that offered many challenges.

The second factor in the creation of a “Great Country” lies within the minds, hearts and souls of its citizens. Our ancestors worked together to ensure the health and well being of all people within their community. The fortunate, who attained greater financial wealth, found ways to improve the lives of those less fortunate by creating jobs, developing new ways of manufacturing, therefore ensuring the growth and prosperity of the new country.

From the time the framers of our Constitution began their deliberations, heated disagreements occurred. But they found ways to make it work. They made things happen. The citizenry did not see everything the same way either. They were free thinking men and women with possessed their own ideas and beliefs. What they all agreed upon, was that they loved their country, and exchange of ideas, and eventually compromise solved even the biggest problems.

That was a “Great Country.” I don’t believe we are one now.

A “Great Country” is not great because of its wealth (and we sure don’t have to worry about that now). A great country lies within the people who live in it, and how they benefit from being citizens, universally, their quality of life.

Our government has shown us that they don’t care about what the citizens want, or need. They don’t do anything. Part of it is that they don’t work hard enough. If they had to work even two thirds of the year, or until all proposed legislation was put to vote, they just might be forced to talk to each other, yes, to actually compromise, and pass laws that affect everyone. They should work through the heat of summer, through holidays, and take no vacations until they have done the job for which they were elected. As it is today, they spend most of their time vacationing or more likely campaigning for re-election.

Our founding fathers not only worked hard for every person of the new United States of America, they all had their own businesses as well. They were, for the most part, wealthy men, but it didn’t come from big government. They didn’t have life long benefits. They took no more for themselves than was given to the new citizens of the new country. They believed in the words they wrote. One term they never even considered was “career politician”. Very few of them believed in political parties at all, feeling they would divide and eventually destroy the country.

The United States used to be first in many categories. Among them were education, health care, and the overall quality of life. I’ll let the reader guess where we are in just those few categories now.

Sun Valley, Nevada