I can deal with the truth but there’s not much, unless you read

By James Turnage

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I don’t believe in politics. It is an evil that has come alive in the age of too much information via way too much television. Those who exist in the system are a corrupted and self-serving group of men and women who have procreated a profession that was not meant to be.

What I hate most are the lies we have to see even when all we want is to watch an episode of “I Love Lucy.”

When Romney was an integral part of Bain Capital, he, they, did outsource thousands of jobs to foreign countries. The fact is, he never created one single new job within the borders of the United States. He and his friends did make millions of dollars during his tenure.

President Obama did save the automobile companies (against my wishes and beliefs), and he has proposed tax advantages for those who might bring back jobs to our country.

I will never belong to any political party. I don’t believe in them. What I believe in is the truth, and thanks to politics, there isn’t much of it today.

Turn off the television, and do a little research. It might both scare you and educate you at the same time.

One Response to "I can deal with the truth but there’s not much, unless you read"

  1. Art Stevens   July 4, 2012 at 4:28 am

    I think the ideas you have are very interesting. I would just like a couple of answers as to how YOU would handle the running of a country as big as ours. You say “those who exist in the system are corrupted.” I’m not necessaraly disagreeing, but you don’t go far enough. Would you replace these people? If so, why would the new people be better? If you wouldn’t replace them, then WHAT?

    What you are doing, is telling me what is wrong, but at least as of now, not giving me any solutions. I sure would like to hear more.

    Art Stevens
    [email protected]


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