Immature all grown up and reunited for new album and tour


The Immature trio is preparing their next studio album, said to be out in 2013.

By Kelly J Newson

Not since their 2001 release  of ‘IMx’ have Marques ‘Batman’ Houston, Jerome ‘Romeo’ Jones and Kelton ‘LDB’ Kessee recorded and toured together. Now the trio is back in the studio working on a new album set to be release next year with a tour to follow.

Since their time apart, each ventured into solo deals/projects. Marques Houston released five solo albums, ‘MH,’ ‘Naked,’ ‘Veteran,’ ‘Mr. Houston’ and ‘Mattress Music.’ Jerome Jones also known as Romeo or Young Rome released a solo project as well entitled ‘Food for Thought.’
Kelton Kessee on the other hand has remained behind the scenes working as a record producer and in their long hiatus, Marques Houston has also starred in ‘You got served’ with Young Rome and former hitmaking group B2K. After ‘You Got Served’, Marques Houston starred in ‘Fat Albert,’ ‘UPN’s ‘Cuts,’ Somebody help me,’ and ‘Somebody help me 2.’

Now the trio is finally back together in the studio and planning a new tour. Fans of the hit group can finally put the rumors aside and look forward to a reunion and some fresh new music. Immature has definitely been missed in the R&B and pop world and now as they prep for a new album they will be able to show the world that they’ve still got it, as their fans have remained by their side through each of their own careers and as a group.

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