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Is Kanye West Jealous of Kim Kardashian’s affection for Iving Azoff?

By DiMarkco Chandler

News that Kanye West might be jealous over the affection Kim Kardashian and her family displays towards Irving Azoff when he  is around the family is perhaps a playful rumor, although something has triggered the Grammy Award winning rapper’s public disdain towards his new manager. Besides West’s already mercurial reputation, he has definitely been  acting out in recent days.

The New York Daily News is reporting, “According to one insider, the executive Chairman of Live Nation and CEO of Ticketmaster, who took on West as a client shortly after he began dating Kardashian, “doesn’t have the kindest words for West.” In fact, Azoff “doesn’t know if he’ll be able to continue on with the relationship.” According to West, the feeling is mutual as he was overheard saying that Azoff is “nothing special” as well as remarking that he might fire his manager.

The situation has put Kim and her family in a very uncomfortable position. It’s interesting because West has a history of making people feel that way.

In addition to his recent standoff with Azoff, West has been reported to have told Kim that he hates her hair extensions. The way the story was explained is that West intimated to Kardashian that she has natural beauty and that she did not need the extensions to modify her appearance.

Whether West is jealous of Azoff or the fact that Kim told Oprah that she was not thinking about marriage, something has the rapper all knotted up inside, and he certainly is making sure that the Kardashians know about it.