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Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Divorce Story

Cruise from Scientology to Holmes

By DiMarkco Chandler

For the last 11 days, I have been covering the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes story that ripped through the media like a hot knife going through butter. I first highlighted the fact that during the time Holmes had filed her petition for divorce, Tom Cruise was filming his upcoming sci-fi thriller “Oblivion” in Iceland. I suggested that Cruise may have been shocked as news of an impending divorce between him and Katie Holmes was announced through her New Jersey-based lawyer. I went on to point out that the 49-year-old “Risky Business” star seemed to be caught with his eyes wide shut (instead of wide open) as it appeared that Cruise “was taken by surprise.” Even People.com suggested that was the case.  Most of you will remember that the breakup spread like wildfire as media outlets competed throughout that first day trying to determine or explain the cause of the sudden collapse of their 5-year marriage. I further pointed out that reports and sources alike told us that as recent as June 16, 2012, Cruise and Holmes looked like a happy couple. In fact, Aceshowbiz.com claimed that “the couple was spotted holding hands when taking a stroll down the street of Reykjavik in Iceland” approximately two weeks before the announced split.  Cruise happen to be there filming his new movie. The point I was trying to make then, was that Holmes’ action appeared to be a premeditated move.

The Dawson’s Creek star and Cruise’s apparent shock fed the rumor mills the raw meat it constantly craves for 11 days. In the early stages of the breaking news some media outlets went as far as to characterize the breakup as a mystery surrounding the numbers 3, 6 and 33. An msn.com website headline that read “All three of Tom Cruise’s marriages ended when wife was 33” racked in the views as it offered a brief analogy of the weird coincidence suggesting that Cruise’s three wives were 33-years-old when their breakups were announced. It is true that Cruise’s marriage to Mimi Rogers ended in 1990 when he apparently left her for, at that time, a-23-year-old Nicole Kidman. And it is equally true that in December of 1990, Tom Cruise walked out on Kidman, citing “irreconcilable differences.” So when word came that the 33-year-old Holmes had filed for divorce, it did not go unnoticed on social media websites, which often demonstrate a sense of history. See the following link for more on this theory. https://guardianlv.com/2012/06/katie-holmes-fears-may-have-pushed-her-to-divorce-cruise/

While I found the ideal that some mystical numerology theory could be a possible factor leading to a TomKat breakup, it just didn’t quite seem to explain the abrupt unexpectedness of the ordeal. It had to be something more than a coincidence or mystery.

As I searched the news reports spanning the actor’s 31-year career, I kept pausing on Cruise’s involvement with Scientology. I wondered, could the mega star’s problems have risen from his affiliation with the very religion believed to offer its followers peace on earth? And then I thought, “Did Cruise drink the Kool-Aid, and was he trying too hard to get his mates to drink it also?” Let’s explore the idea momentarily.

On May 9, 1987, a 24-year-old Tom Cruise exchanged vows with Mimi Rogers, an actress 6 years older than he. Now I know the number 6 is there but that aside, the more mature Rodgers took him under her wings and introduced Cruise to her new religion, Scientology. After 3 years of marriage Cruise divorced Rogers. Rogers would later claim in a 1993 “Playboy” interview that “Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk…he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument.” She added that her own instrument “needed tuning.”

Following his marriage to Rogers, Cruise immediately married Nicole Kidman. Tom had first met Nicole in the movie Dead Calm. Reports suggest that he found her to be quite attractive and arranged for her a role in “Days of Thunder.” In storybook style Cruise married Kidman who at the time was 23 in December of 1990. In the early months of their marriage Kidman joined Scientology, some say apparently to placate Cruise. As their marriage neared its final years/months/days Kidman proved she had a mind of her own. Sources as well as Kidman herself confirm that Cruise was unable to tolerate her indifference to his religion. In an abcnews.go.com article it was clear that Cruise chose to end the relationship and filed for divorce on February 7, 2001 in a Los Angeles Superior Court seeking joint custody of the couple’s two adopted children. Though stories floated about that the cause of the breakup might be linked to a George Clooney/Kidman relationship, it appears that Nicole was unwilling to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid.

Fast forward to Cruise/Holmes or TomKat as they were often referred to; the couple were married in 2006, seven months after their daughter Suri was born. During their five years of marriage, it appears that Holmes’ acting career took a back seat to Cruise’s stardom. Story after story depicted Holmes as an obedient housewife living in the shadows of her famous husband. However, anyone looking in on the relationship could not help but to recognize that there was something tragically wrong. Holmes’ entire personality seemed to get lost in the enormous superstar shadow that accompanied Tom Cruise. No one really knew who she was and what she believed in other than the fact that she believed in Cruise. And from the likes of things that just the way Cruise wanted it to be. Now suddenly, it appeared that sleeping beauty had awakened; perhaps because she realized the damage that an all imposing Cruise might have on their 6-year-old daughter. One theory is that Holmes woke up one morning and decided that while her husband was away that she would no longer be drinking the Kool-Aid; especially because she knew if she continued to drink, the next cup would be for her daughter Suri. After, cautiously examining her last five years of marriage and how it had change her personality, Holmes decided that she wanted her daughter to have more. That is a possible theory as to why she filed for sole custody of Suri. This way she would have the final say as to where her daughter would go to school and what religion she would follow. It’s fair to say that Scientology would have not been on her short list.

Over the course of 11 days leading to a rapid divorce settlement we can theorize that Cruise was under enormous pressure to figure out how to quiet the barrage of relentless rumors that seemed to surface hour after hour. And so on July 9, 2012, TomKat released a joint statement that they had amicably settled the divorce. The Mission Impossible actor had wisely kept the divorce out of the earshot of the courts as well as out of the purview of public opinion.  Speculatively thinking here, that was the only move Cruise had. The Academy Award winning actor’s relationship with Scientology arguably gave him no other choice. With worldwide public opinion overwhelmingly siding with Holmes, neither Cruise nor Scientology would have been able to marshal any kind of effective defense without pissing Holmes off and inevitably forcing her to disclose scientology secrets they would rather leave unknown. In other words, if Cruise had contested Holmes’s divorce petition, both he and Scientology would have undoubtedly been subject to intense media exposure, a risk not worth the personal victory Cruise may or may not have attained.

This theory if true is especially important if you consider that back in 2010, the New York Times reported a front page story that claimed the “Church is losing members fast and may have as few as 25,000 members in the United States.”  In July of 2011, a Scientology expert declared that “support for Scientology is shrinking” in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the Church boasts more than 8 million members worldwide. Whether any of this speculation is true or not, what is clear is that it seems to be an asserted effort surrounding the Church that is bent on exposing it as a hoax.  If nothing else, the Church of Scientology appears to fear that their most guarded secrets might be made public.

Keeping in mind that we’re dealing with two or even three very public figures, that is Scientology, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, there remains something extremely dysfunctional in the way that Holmes announced her exit from the mega star.

Looking at the chronology, Katie and Tom’s personal choices seemed to take a fateful turn back in 2009 when holymoly.com reported that Katie Holmes enrolled Suri into Catholic school, “despite husband Tom Cruise’s protestations at wanting their daughter to be raised as a Scientologist. Back then, Holy Moly reported one of their sources as saying, “Katie has been listening to her parents who are devout Catholics. She told Tom that she wants Suri to be educated as a Catholic, as she was. They had been having huge problems agreeing on her school. To say they were having arguments is putting it mildly, but Tom came around to the idea in the end.” So the battle of Suri may continue and is perhaps not the only reason Holmes moved swiftly to discard Cruise.

I can only imagine that if Holmes had simply done a little research she may have been terrified of what she discovered about the church. It’s no secret how Hubbard’s son felt about his father. In the May 6, 1982 edition of the Clearwater Sun, the newspaper reported that Ronald Edward Dewolf, Hubbard’s eldest son, claimed at a congressional hearing that “99 percent of what my father wrote about his own life is false. … DeWolf, 47, was the second witness to testify in the opening session of Clearwater’s public hearings on Scientology. Edward Walters, at one time a high-ranking Scientologist, testified earlier he would not have joined the church had he known the alleged discrepancies of Hubbard’s past.”

There are just volumes and volumes of information throughout the internet that I am sure Holmes could readily access and perhaps if she did, maybe she even attempted to warn her husband about. Nevertheless, if Cruise is, as numerous reports have speculated, the de-facto number 2 in command at the Church of Scientology, his investment and commitment may have been beyond overcoming. Such a report of Cruise’s hierarchical status was offered by “The Telegraph.” In a January 2008 edition it described Tom Cruise as having “become the de-facto second-in-command of the Church of Scientology and is consulted on every aspect of the controversial group’s planning and policy. “The Telegraph” sourced their information as having come from a new book at the time authored by Andrew Morton.

We only need to consider the cursory information that I have covered thus far, along with a small measure of common sense to conclude that there was no way the Church could have afforded a Cruise/Holmes divorce to get out of hand. As I implied earlier, what would have been the up side; Personal triumph for Cruise? I think not. He had to settle, and he had to settle fast.

Now I have one more theory. What if we’ve all been bamboozled. In other words, what if Cruise has fooled us all? What if Cruise used the media attention and several other impressionable tricks to outwit everyone simply to breakup his marriage with Holmes so that he could negotiate an iron tight legal gag order over what she could and could not say. A gag order would exclude the media and therefore protect Scientology. In addition, he would have the divorce,  that would enable him to recapture his youth and personal freedom.

Has anyone in the media considered the possibility that Cruise wanted out of the 5-year-old. I think not. Nevertheless, think about it for a moment. How could Cruise not have known that Holmes’ had rented a private apartment, fired her Scientology staff, switched to a new cell phone etc. It may even be possible that she did not have any real privacy when it came to the us of telephones. There are several android applications that allow one to ease drop on the conversations of others. Cruise may have been on top of the situation all along and in control of what appeared to be a surprise move on the part of Holmes.

I am quite suspicious about some of the strange behavior exhibited by the Mission Impossible actor leading up to Holmes’ surprise divorce announcement. The whole thing unfolds like a well-crafted movie thriller. Just think about the days perhaps even the weeks before Holmes sought out her lawyer and filed her divorce petition:

1)      TMZ republished a picture of Holmes and Cruise holding each other hands on June 16th in a city called Reykjavik. At the time the tabloid suggested that “Tom wasn’t suspecting a thing,” or was he? The headline read “Tom and Katie Holding Hands in Iceland 2 WEEKS AGO”

2)      During the same time that TomKat was photographed in Iceland, Cruise deliberately announced his undying love for Holmes in several media outlets. Now it’s these various occasions, when Cruise clearly makes a conscious effort to proclaim his genuine love for Katie that seems so suspicious. It is this behavior that would lead one to believe that they both might be complicit; however, if that were true what would they have to gain? Apparently nothing that we know of.

Were left with only one theory; Cruise had to know what was going on behind his back, after all, Scientology follows everyone. And Cruises strange behavior just does not make sense.

So now if you can believe that Scientology had Holmes in their sights before, during, and after the entire ordeal, there can be only one plausible conclusion; and that is that it was Cruise who masterminded the entire script because he wanted out of the relationship and Holmes who was unaware as she was simply playing out a predictable psychological role. Now, all of this is sheer speculation, but quite an interesting thought.

It is reasonable to believe that the Cruise Holmes agreement will completely prevent Holmes from communicating or leaking any information that will embarrass Cruise or his religion. And why not, we have to remember that he is Suri’s father, thus it is in the best interest of Suri to have a father that can be a part of her life instead of having him ruined in the media.