Keeping an Eye on Syria’s Turmoil

By George Rosado

This past weekend had a horrific event unfold in Colorado and justifiably the media has focused all there attention there but some important news stories have got gotten much attention. One of these stories is the civil war escalation happening in Syria. Syria has recently regained strong holds on key positions around the city but that only means the rebels are going to regroup and launch another attack that the Syrian Security Forces may not be able to withstand. This will put the Syrian Government and its President Bashar al-Assad’s back up against the wall. They have already begun bombing civilian shelters in order to seize the opportunity to get a cease fire agreement that will give the Syrian government time to get a deal that will benefit them and keep them in power.

The fear of an escalation is not only towards the rebels (Free Syrian Army) but to Syria’s neighbor, Israel. Syria has the largest stock pile of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the entire region and recently they have moved them to their borders which might be meant as a threat to Israel.  Israel has been more than patient during this crisis but if they sense any type of missile build up they will attack and do so severely. This crisis will become an international dilemma because Israel will not hesitate to use tactical nuclear weapons. This is the scenario no one wants. Syria’s allies include the Russian government and an attack from Israel on Syria may lead to a ripple affect that might hurt all of us.