By James Turnage

Michelle Bachmann has lost the few brain cells she had. We now know that the TEA party people are insane, destroying not only what made our country great, but also the GOP, who once had ideas and ideals.

Attacking Hillary Clinton’s aide is as bad as “Caribou Barbie” claiming she understood foreign policy because she could see Russia from Alaska.

The TEA party went too far years ago. They become more insane and destructive every day. They, and they alone, are for the party of “don’t”. Don’t do anything, don’t have any ideas, don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

If you watched the “Newsroom” two weeks ago, and thought they were being unfair attacking the TEA party, you’d better take another look. And look carefully at those who represent it. These inmates want to run the asylum.


Sun Valley, Nevada

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