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News Blackout In Mexico

Turn off Televisa!… Mexicans reject new president in social
networks and with protest marches.

By Claudia Ponce

After 11 days of presidential elections in Mexico, Facebook and Twitter have been filled with posts and calls to reject the imposition, according to the protesters, of the new president, Enrique Peña Nieto. The results, presented by the IFE (the institution responsible for the votes and execution of the country’s elections) are challenged by a large number of citizens supported in majority by the now famous student movement, Yo soy 132 (I am 132), promoted and also strengthened in social networks. The young people of Yo soy 132, along with more citizens who disagree with the results, are convening a second protest march to openly declare their rejection to the imposition of Peña Nieto as the winner of the last elections. Besides the plans to challenge the results, social networks are now plagued by publications and invitations to stop watching Televisa and TV Azteca, the two television monopolies that control and, according to the protestors’ claims, manipulate the reality and political and economical actions in their country. The intention is to protest at a national level against the electoral fraud and manipulation of the media. This past July 7th, 70,000 people marched against Peña Nieto and now the invitation is for the entire country to join in, in order to protest and show the world that democracy in Mexico needs to be respected.
The number of users who are protesting the TV stations are increasing every day, and they are all now inviting everyone to stop watching the programming of these companies and to forego most of their products and services in order to weaken the hold these companies have over Mexico’s freedom of expression and the right to subjective information.