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512 Dead Penguins on the Beaches of Brazil; Mystifying Scientists

By DiMarkco Chandler

Scientists from all corners of the world are finding the death of 512 Magellanic penguins on the Beaches of Brazil’s southern Rio Grande do Sul state quite puzzling. Ceclimar (The Centre of Coastal and Marine Studies) said that veterinarians were examining these sea creatures. Approximately, 30 samples from the penguins were undergoing analysis at Porto Alegre University with results available in a few weeks.

Ceclimar officials told Globo’s G1 website that it appeared that the animals were well fed and without injuries or oil stains. Ceclimar also noticed that the penguins were not exhausted.

Magellanic penguins are named after the Magellanic region from which they breed and mate. They are medium-sized and grow to be 24-30 in tall.

The Magellanic penguin travels in large flocks, especially when hunting for food. Interestingly, these penguins mate with the same partner year after year.

The species is classified as a threatened group due to the vulnerability of oil spills, which kills 20,000 adults and 22,000 juveniles every year.

Climate change has displaced fish populations so Magellanic penguins have to swim almost 30 miles further from the nest to find food. During the time the mate is swimming for food their companion sits on a nest, starving.

These penguins are already experiencing rapid population declines; news that only exacerbates their changing condition.

This year more than any, scientists have noticed rapid changes in the weather, ecosystem and unexplained deaths of fish and birds.

As a Clarion Call to the world has led us to boldly say as it was in the days of Noah so will it be in the last days. One ancient story suggests that as Noah was loading his boat, the people were still eating and drinking, looking upon Noah’s behavior as a bit eccentric. They refused to acknowledge what they were seeing right before their eyes.

That is sort of what the Guardian Express interprets what is happening in our present day. Scientist have not explained the various events that are anomalies in every respect. Weather changes, economic changes, nations changing their rulers, animals dying mysteriously, people maniacally eating other people, rogue nations moving closer to possessing atomic weapons and all of this seems to be happening before our very eyes yet no voice loud enough to say “Wait a minute, there is something wrong, something very wrong.” No voice that urges mankind to pull it together and bring us together. No, we’re content to just go on with our buying and selling, eating and drinking, telling ourselves, “There is nothing wrong.” Really!

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