Obama or Romney: Wish there were a third choice


 By James Turnage

If any of you have read my articles, for which I am grateful, you know that I am one of the true independents.  And that will be my path for all of my life.

In the last few days, listening to Mitt Romney, I have been forced to make a difficult decision.  I could never vote for a man who has such an incredible amount of wealth.  There is no possible way he can understand my problems, or find a solution for them.

I am a 66 year old man.  My wife and I are lucky if we make 35,000 dollars a year.  Soon, we will lose our health insurance, my wife will no longer be working at her job.  I have been forced to retire since 2008, and in January of next year, our income and health insurance will exist only because of government programs passed into law years before we ever thought about their importance.  We will not be able to afford Medicare part B, unless we decide to abandon our home.  We have paid into these programs for all of our lives, and now republicans want to eliminate them, while they have superior programs as government employees, that will never end.

My wife and I feel our country has failed us.  We worked hard all of our lives.  We were loyal Americans, voting for those we believed would protect us, help us to live better lives then, and after we retired.  We were wrong.  We elected men and women who did not care about our efforts, they cared only for themselves, and those who supported them when they ran for election, or re-election.

I will vote for Mr. Obama once again.  He has at least some sort of understanding in regards to my situation, where I am coming from.  I would love to have more than one choice in this election.  The sadness of this is that I live in Nevada.  Nevada is a “southern state”. Much of its population here in the northern part of the state is radically right wing.  My needs, my vote, may not count at all.


Sun Valley, Nevada

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