Plans for Z World: A zombie themed amusement park

By Danielle Mason

Zombies have taken over the world.

Okay, maybe that isn’t exactly true, but zombies have definitely permeated society in recent years.  Zombies’ star status is not limited to only Hollywood – they can now be found at the local 5k race. Participation in races like the “5k Run For Your Lives Obstacle Run” has sky rocketed.  Virtually every annual race now offers a zombie edition as well.

If things go well for entrepreneur Mark Siwak, zombies will be chasing citizens around an amusement park. Siwak has proposed a plan for an abandoned industrial park in Detroit to be transformed into Z World, a structured game where participants are chased by zombie characters. Siwak needs $145,000 dollars to make his dream a reality. Right now he has only raised a little over $7,000 of the needed funds. Those interested in helping Siwak can donate at his website

Zombies have already taken over movies, TV, and video games. It just makes sense that the next big thing for zombies is an entire amusement park dedicated to the living dead. The fan base is certainly there. While vampires have recently flooded pop culture in recent years, zombies are still king, according to the fans. TIME magazine recently featured an article on the appeal of monsters in general. According to the piece, zombies are relatable. Yes, vampires are gorgeous and alluring, but zombies are unstoppable. They refuse to give up. It’s no wonder that they are quickly becoming the people’s monster.

It will be interesting to see what this zombie craze produces next. We already have the movies and the amusement park. Could a real life zombie apocalypse survival camp be far behind?