Questions Concerning Obama’s Birth Certificate Uncovered By Arpaio Are Scary

By DiMarkco Chandler

Though the “birther” movement is fringe, no matter what you think of Sheriff Arpaio, he has perhaps uncovered some interesting discrepancies with the birth certificate that Obama released in April of 2011. “This document is fictitious” said Mike Zullo, the chief investigator with the Arizona sheriff’s volunteer posse. On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Obama’s birth certificate was the topic of interest at a press conference in Maricopa County, Arizona. “It’s time for the charade to stop,” Zullo pleaded.

Sheriff Arpaio followed Zullo, stating, “We’d like to give it to somebody… I would like the congress to have hearings, maybe a special prosecutor, not only for this issue but at issue, how easy it is to get a birth certificate in Hawaii. When we’re talking about national security, talking about immigration, we are not accusing the President of any crime. We are strictly investigating a possible government forged document.”

It appears that Arpaio is bent on proving that the President’s birth certificate is a fake. Zullo says that numeric codes on certain parts indicate that the parts were left empty when in actuality they were supposed to be filled out. Zullo also claims that a 95-year-old former state employee who says he signed the birth certificate has explained the codes. In addition, investigators have found a writer who is publishing a book about Obama’s birth certificate and plans on assisting the posse with their investigation.

What Arpaio and “birthers” are looking for is to prove Obama was born in Kenya and not the USA.

Though officials in Hawaii have confirmed Obama’s citizenship, Sheriff Arpaio refuses to accept their claims.

Perhaps one reason why Arpaio insist that the document is a fake lies in what the sheriff has discovered on the face of the certificate. At issue is the fact that on the certificate, it asks for the race of the father, the document indicates that someone wrote the word African. The problem is that the term “African” was not used as an identifier until 1989, 28 years after Obama was born. The box is also coded with a 9, indicating by code that no information was provided. In other words, the number 9 means that the question was left blank.

Investigators may be able to raise some eyebrows because after and interview with Verna K.L. Lee, the clerk who signed Obama’s long-form certificate, they learned that Kapioloni Medical Center, Obama’s place of birth, had assigned him a number that was higher than a pair of twins whose records indicate that their birth actually followed the president’s. Thus, it appears that either the hospital made an error or the president was not born there.

At the very least, the findings are disturbing; however, without any attempt to counter Arpaio’s findings, it appears his efforts may fall on deaf ears.

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